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Spanish Everglades


Are you ready for those vacation activities and events well you can cross exploring the Florida Everglades off of your bucket list when you choose to explore the Everglades with airboat in Everglades conveniently located 35 minutes west of Miami’s South beach in the East Everglades. Experience wild uncaged animals, like alligators’ birds, turtles, fish, insects and much more during your luxury airboat adventure, for more information check out airboatineverglades.com or contact us at 1-888-893-4443 for more details.
1 Hour Private Airboat Adventure
The 1 hour private Airboat Adventure covers approximately 8 miles of the Florida Everglades. This is a great way to get a taste of the Glades. The most common animals seen on any adventure are Alligators, Birds, Turtles, and just some of the beauty the Everglades has to offer. All private tours are on small and open airboats. All airboats come stocked with ice and water so you may bring whatever you wish to eat or drink onboard. Walk ups welcome but are subject to availability. Reservations are recommended.
$200 – for up to 2 people
each additional person – $60
Airboat Tours: 17696 Southwest 8th Street, Miami, FL, 33194 (Pilot Travel Center)
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