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There is only one Everglades in the entire whole wide world. We will love it for as long as we can.

The term conservation refers to any activity that helps
protect wildlife and natural resources, such as water and
soil. Conservation includes what people can do every
day, such as walking instead of driving, or turning down
the thermostat.
It also includes large projects conducted
by experts, such as reintroducing a species of animal to a
particular habitat. In “Everglades Forever,” the author goes along on a
fi eld trip in southern Florida to learn about conserving
the Everglades. By sharing the students’ discoveries, the
author also shows readers how they can help and why
their efforts are necessary.

A cool place to visit to get an idea of how special the Everglades are is at

Zoo Miami

In late 2016, visitors to Zoo Miami had the opportunity to explore the newest exhibit, Florida: Mission Everglades. This exciting and unique exhibit is a feature state-of-the-art interaction and informative displays about the significant animals found in South Florida. Florida: Mission Everglades takes children and adults alike into the different habitats found in the heart of Florida. Come face-to-face with a ferocious bear as you explore hammocks and pinelands, and slide through the water where river otters play. Experience alligators and crocodiles in a new way as you wander over a rickety bridge and an acrylic underwater tube. These exhibits come together to help visitors understand Zoo Miami’s collective mission of trying to save the Florida Everglades. mission everglades crock walkwayThis one-of-a-kinds exhibit is rivaled only by an actual trip to the Everglades. The fascinating displays and exciting up-close encounters encourage visitors to head for the Everglades, and perhaps even commit to keeping it safe. If you would like to purchase a commemorative brick is the walkway to Mission Everglades,